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Afterhours Collies - Collie breeder located in MI

Berks Equine Council
located in PA.

Annie's Clean Critters
Whitman MA

Apple Mill located in
Saluda, N.C.

Rockingham Naturalist Club Riedsville, NC

Blue Misic Collies
Located in Utah

Blu Ridge Collies
Located in TN

Brownstone Collies
Located in MA

Bucks View Gifts
Located in VA

Collie Club of New England
Located in MA

Collie Club of Northern
New Jersey

Crestview Mountain Located in Sparta, NC

Deer Creek Motorcoach Resort Located in VA

Viner Vineyard
Boxes & Crafts - NC

Punk Horse Training
Located in MI

Heaven Sent Collies
Located in MI

Hi Crest Collies
Located in NJ

Impromptu Collies
Located in NH

I've Been framed
Elizabethtown, NC

J & K Developers
Mooresville, NC

Nightwind Collies
Located in PA

Omni Farm Highland Cattle
W. Jefferson, NC

Pampered Paws Jewelry Located in DE

Piedmont Collie Club

Pawkowee Indians
Under Construction

Sweet Water Vacation Rentals Sparta, NC

Sealore Collies & Shelties Wareham, MA

Smith Riverfront Rentals Alleghany County NC

Story Book Collies
Located in NH

Suits USA
Mt. Airy, NC

Advantage Christmas Tree Farm - Sparta, NC
The Right Stuff
Grooming - AZ